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set the healing forces of your body instrument to work. recenter yourself, connect back to you, for more awareness, fulfillment, confidence, calm and success in whatever you are setting out to do

single session … 150 Eur / hour

working with the voice is an equally fascinating experience for both student and teacher.
reconnecting to and fully embodying our original voice, is thrilling and scary all at once. this journey addressing us on every level, physical, emotional, mental, not only excavates our essential self-expression through our unique sound, it can also lead to a deep experience of healing.

together, let’s find out how we can uncover and maximize YOUR TRUE VOICE


life’s natural impulse is to self-express.

if we cannot voice our being without inhibition, if we feel contained or even restricted, if we cannot imprint our surroundings with the fullness of our emotional, mental and physical body, working with the physical voice can be a deeply restoring and healing experience.


voice is like a mirror. it reflects our relationship to ourselves in a very immediate way. like a highbred horse it reacts to every vibration of our mind, psyche and soul.

voice is the audible vehicle of self-expression and communication, it is our unique acoustic “sound print“. working with our vocal instrument guides us to take a deep dive into our bodies and our breath, one of the 3 essential foundations of living.

as we explore deep and deeper into our body instrument sensing muscles, observing breath, we detect our physical blockages expressed in overtensed muscles and reduced breathing. gradually we bring to light the misalignements with our nature.

as we excavate our programmings, even traumas, which have lead to our inhibited self-expression, we begin to reconnect to our bodies. we not only release unnecessary tension and the related emotional charge, we also discover ourselves in a pure and unprecedented way.

as we tune in to our voice, we begin to tune in to ourselves. our unique sound begins to soar, we have reclaimed the power of our essential nature.


even if you have already received high quality professional training, NJ’s approach to voice leads you to explore your instrument on a yet deeper level. This will open new perspectives on and dimensions of your voice.

discover sounds that you didn’t even know existed in you

take your voice and performance to “11“!

what others say:

“My very first voice coaching session with Natalie Jean-Marain opened doors for me: Embodied in her I found all the elements that make up the big picture that matter to me as a musician and an artist.  It’s not just about breathing and voice training, it’s all about understanding yourself as an artist, as well as understanding your own body and your very own individual expression.

Natalie Jean-Marain, your work is so well-founded, empathic, sensitive, as well as demanding and revealing. THANK YOU for your appreciative, powerful, motivating and transforming work! Biggest & warmest recommendation!”

Anne Eck, Artist, Singer, CEO

take your voice to the next level

to master your instrument you need to understand its mechanics. you can only build technique when the natural coordination of your body instrument is fully understood.

Natalie Jean-Marain founds her expert teaching method on what she calls inside out learning via observation rather than imposing new technique.

“it’s not about imposing new methods or information but rather about remembering and understanding the mechanics already installed in you.”

  1. one hour voice and breathing solo session. (V hour)

one hour classes are perfect for making the first step to finding your own voice.

  1. one day voice and breathing workshop. (V Day)

finding your own voice is never easy! share the experience with a group and watch your life transform.

  1. one weekend voice and breathing retreat. (V Weekend)

finding time to really work on yourself can be tough! join us on a weekend retreat and make the best of your voice potential.