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Before I came to NJ I did not know what I was doing with my voice. I had no idea of vocal technique, and I ruined my voice several times, because of wrong technique. This also led to fear. Fear of failing and fear of ruining it again and again. The vocal coaches I had before NJ were all nice, but I never had the feeling that I learned something about my voice and they could never really explain what they were doing. Then I met NJ and from then on my voice and my confidence grew. She knew what I was talking about, she understood my vocal problems and her exercises really helped me to get better and better. She never gave up on me and we really worked hard to get where I am today. I learned so much and I got soooo much better. I am very grateful to NJ!
artist, singer
NJ’s vocal coaching was my master class in singing. She sees people and their individual styles. She helped me embody my own expression and to feel safe in the unknown. Now I have all the tools to solve problems on my own, although I know that her doors are always open.
artist, singer songwriter
My very first voice coaching session with NJ opened doors for me: Embodied in her I found all the elements that make up the big picture that matter to me as a musician and an artist. It’s not just about breathing and voice training, it’s all about understanding yourself as an artist, as well as understanding your own body and your very own individual expression. NJ, your work is so well-founded, empathic, sensitive, as well as demanding and revealing. THANK YOU for your appreciative, powerful, motivating and transforming work! Biggest & warmest recommendation!
Anne Eck
artist, singer, CEO

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