new feminism

in my view, feminism needs to be redefined and expanded.
honoring all the pathways that have been carved out by the pioneers, it is time to level up and expand on our vision of generating an equal standing for all genders.

in what i like to call “New Feminism”, i see inclusiveness versus exclusiveness, i see a great relevance of inner work in addition to external work.

i firmly believe that it is imperative for us women to shift our perception of ourselves and our value on a very deep level. the indoctrination of our inferiority throughout history is so deeply embedded in our genes, that mere external betterments and changes, will only be like repainting a house on the outside whose insides are mouldered.

we need to reinstall a genuine sense of self worth, dignity and authentic power, because as often proved in history, we cannot expect fundamental change to happen from the outside, restoring our rightful, equal place of being at the side of men.
if we manage to shift on this foundational inner level, thereby restoring our own sense of worth, the exterior will be forced to adapt (because we are no longer willing to bend to imposed values) and all external activities will have way more impact, coming from a well founded standing in our awareness of our equal right as a woman.

“New Feminism” encompasses inclusiveness of our male counterparts in so far, as we female pioneers will then have shifted into a new paradigm intrisically, enabeling us to create the room for men to outgrow the antiquated patriarchic paradigms.

you can also listen to a talk I held with Anne Eck, CEO of Silvertree Records and artist @anneeckmusic here

we expand on women in the music industry, visibility for female artists, internal vs. external shifts, change of paradigm, competition amongst women, fomo and other marketing games and also New Feminism
the talk is in German with English subtitles