producing visions

introducing our Music.Art Vienna production team
please meet Elf11

photo by @marion.kunst

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producing vision

for every new artist we need to create a new unique producing vision.

when we produce other artists, we must fundamentally CAPTURE THEIR ESSENCE.
we need to ask them the right questions.

we need to help them gain clarity
which fragment of their many-facetted personality is the MAIN PLAYER.

the idea „i just wanna be me, authentic.“
usually is not enough for a successful artistic endeavor.
we need to be bigger than life.

if we are bigger than life from our CORE, we WILL be authentic.

all aspects of the personality will eventually enter the game,
but even within ourselves we need a LEADER for every artistic adventure.

introducing our Music.Art Vienna production team
please meet HighDee


photo by @marion.kunst

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birthing your art is like birthing a child. the words of doula Hazel Tree perfectly express how i feel when recording an artist’s voice.

”… my intention is to support the process of birth to happen through trusting the birthing woman’s natural ability and innate wisdom. this means keeping my own agenda and personal baggage out of the room.
it is about being fully present to what is happening, being conscious and aware of what is unfolding in the moment.”

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