music biz basic workshop

get a firm footing in the music industry

as an emerging artist, in the beginning, you will most likely have to do a lot of stuff on your own in administration, marketing, and promotion

in my musicbiz basic workshop you will gain knowledge and skills in

  • – what you can handle yourself
    – what you want to handle yourself
  • – what to outsource
  • – who to best outsource it to
  • – how to avoid overwhelm and analysis paralysis
  • – how the rule of 80/20 can strip down your to-do list

what's in it for you

the advantages of keeping the groups for my workshop small are

– we can make a quick assessment of where you stand
– we can find out what the most pressing questions are
– from advertising to taxes, we can give a broad overview of all the areas in which you as an artist are required to ‘perform’ 
– we’ll zoom into those areas of most interest to the workshop participants


my goal is not to stuff you with information that might be outdated by tomorrow

– you will know where to look for and find any information you need at any given moment
– you will be able to assess the quality of the information you are getting
– with a clear mind what to focus on
– where to invest time and money in
– where not to invest at all for the time being