together with NJ we will take a deep dive into your identity as an artist, your vision, your artistic intention and thereby create the foundation for your artist persona

building on this foundation we will develop long term strategies and short term action plans

we’ll bridge the gap between you as an artist and the less beloved world of the music business

learn more in a free 30 minute strategy call with HighDee & NJ

make musicbiz overwhelm a thing of the past

thinking of business-related things, all you need to know, do and keep track of while working on your art, can be overwhelmin.

when you know what is important it is easy to make empowered and informed decisions.
you will know what you can handle yourself and what to outsource, in other words
– where to invest your time,
– where to invest money
– where not to invest at all

this will help you distribute your precious ressources in the most effective way